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 Binary Gender Privilege Checklist 
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Сообщение Binary Gender Privilege Checklist

Binary Gender Privilege Checklist

You can reasonably expect that:

1. Words to describe your gender not only exist in every natural language (and constructed languages not specifically made for a non-binary gendered race), but are commonplace.

2. Characters with your gender commonly appear in fiction as more than just a joke, and are often mentioned in serious non-fiction.

3. Everyone is aware that people of your gender exist and have met people with your gender.

4. Words exist to describe your sexuality and to describe people attracted to those of your gender, and most people have heard those words.

5. There is a way to pass as your gender, and roles/clothing/actions associated with that gender that you can use if you wish to be read correctly, and resources on this are easy enough to find.

6.People will not have to “get used” to using your pronouns, as they use them for people on a daily basis, and will not tell you that your pronouns are “too hard” or treat them as some sort of novelty.

7. No one will say that humans can not have your gender, or treat the words and pronouns you use to describe your gender as an insult.

8. You can expect to find safe spaces for people of your gender.

9. In gender-based safe spaces, it is obvious if people of your gender are welcomed/allowed or not.

10. It will be obvious which bathrooms, locker rooms, and facilities to try on clothes people of your gender are allowed to use.

11. You will not have a hard time finding a partner who has heard of your gender, much less one who understands and accepts your gender and pronouns.

12. You will not have to educate people about what your gender is to have any hope of having that gender respected, because they have grown up around people who have that gender.

13. When you see a therapist, including gender therapists, zie has dealt with people of your gender and will treat you with respect.

14. If your body is not “normal” for your gender, surgeries and treatments exist to help fix it and there are ways set up for you to access them.

15. You do not have to create an entirely new legal sex to be legally acknowledged as your gender.

16. If parents raise a child as your gender, people will not consider this abuse.

17. People do not think it’s okay to tell people of your gender that asking your child to respect your gender and pronouns is wrong because no one has heard of your gender.

18. From a young age, you are aware that people with your gender actually exist and will not have to go looking for or invent definitions that fit you.

19. Your gender is not considered a mental illness in and of itself.

20. Your behaviour (good or bad) is not taken to be representative of all people of your gender because most people have met many people of your gender.

21. Telling someone your gender is unlikely to result in them asking you what your genitals look like or asking you whether or not you were “born that way”.

22. Forms that ask for gender show your gender.

23. Representations of your gender exist in all cultures.

24. Your gender is not taken to indicate your religious, philosophical or political beliefs.

25. It is clear whether or not you can legally be married to your partner.

29 мар 2011, 02:48
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